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Schönbuch Nature Park

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Founded in 1972 and covering an area of only 156 square kilometres, Schönbuch Nature Park may be the oldest and smallest nature park in Baden-Württemberg, but it is nevertheless an extremely important and attractive recreational area in our federal state. Located right on the edge of the densely-populated industrial region of the Middle Neckar, it offers its visitors the opportunity to excercise and relax in the unique Schönbuch landscape. It is this uniqueness, too, which gives Schönbuch its special appeal – in addition to its miles of forests and smaller, intensively-used fringe areas.

Numerous signposted paths and a comprehensive range of family-friendly leisure facilities, such as barbeque sites, huts and play areas, are available for extensive use. Nature lovers and other interested visitors also have the rare opportunity to experience wildlife species not only in their enclosures, but also to see red deer in the wild. The charm of this landscape and its cultural treasures, together with its wide range of leisure options, attract more than four million visitors annually to hike, walk or cycle in Schönbuch. It is therefore no surprise that in 2014 Schönbuch Nature Park was awarded the title "Woodland Area of the Year 2014".

On the following pages you can take a look at the interactive Nature Park Map and use it to plan your cycle and hiking tours in advance.

The Programme of Events gives you an overview of the numerous events on offer in Schönbuch Nature Park.