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Stainless steel sculpture "Leben" (Life)

A work by Reiner Schmieg

Skulptur Leben

The dominant gable end of the building, visible from afar, demands a solution that on the one hand breaks up the large expanse of wall, and on the other emphasises the "spatial situation" around the entrance area with its tree and bench by means of a sculptural form which, emanating from ground level, creates a link between the space and the building.

The external design is intended to convey tension, movement and lightness, which is achieved through the changing shadows on the wall. The artistic language chosen by the artist can also be interpreted symbolically: Life, sprouting from the earth in upward-flowing curves. An element of tension is added in the form of the wavy structure entering horizontally, over which there hover circular forms reminiscent of planets.

Reiner Schmieg

  • 1935: born in Stuttgart
  • 1960-1966: art degree at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

Solo exhibitions (selection)

  • 1966: Stuttgarter Künstlerbund
  • 1968: Kunstverein Böblingen
  • 1969: Galerie Libresso Hamburg
  • 1970: Galerie Kongresshalle Böblingen
  • 1971: Galerie Landesgirokasse Stuttgart
  • 1979: Galerie in der Wagnerstraße Stuttgart
  • 1981: Galerie Jesse Ahaus
  • 1982: Galerie J. Fischer Stuttgart
  • 1983: Galerie am Alten Rathaus Esslingen
  • 1984: Galerie Keim Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt
  • 1993: Hasenbergsteige 31 Stuttgart
  • 1994: Esslinger Kunstverein Villa Merkel   Esslingen
  • 1995: Arthotel Kirchheim/Nabern
  • 1998: Fabrikhalle IWA-Riehle Esslingen
  • 1999: Galerie Themo Stuttgart
  • 2001: Schleuse - Forum für experimentelle   Arbeiten Böblingen
  • 2003: Hasenbergsteige 31 Stuttgart

Group exhibitions (selection)

  • 1963: Kunstpreis der Jugend Baden-Baden und Bochum (Young Artist Award)
  • 1963/64: International Salon Bosio Monte Carlo
  • 1964: Stuttgarter Sezession
  • 1965: Stuttgarter Sezession Straßburg
  • 1976/77: Kunstmarkt im i-Punkt Ulm
  • 1982: Arteder Bilbao (International Exhibition for Graphic Art)
  • 1984: Kunst und Musik Böblingen
  • 1988: Kunst und Musik Böblingen
  • 1990: Kunstpreis des Nationaltheaters Mannheim

Art in Architecture (selection)

  • Kreiskrankenhaus Böblingen: glass mosaic
  • Turnhalle Böblingen: aluminium relief
  • Hallenbad Bernhausen: ceramic relief
  • Hallenbad Rothenburg o.T.: ceramic relief
  • Altarpiece and Way of the Cross, Köngen: concrete relief
  • Weinbergweg 43, Stuttgart: steel wall sculpture