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With its proximity to Schönbuch Nature Park, Waldenbuch offers a wide range of options that are ideal for compensating the strains of daily life. Whether you prefer hiking, jogging, cycling or walking, Schönbuch Nature Park has the right route for every activity.

Furthermore, this Schönbuch town is characterised by its many clubs and the often outstanding achievements of their members. Inhabitants have the opportunity to participate in more than 20 different types of activities in local sports clubs and departments.


The wide selection available includes everything from rehabilitation to popular and competitive sports, individual and team sports, motorsport and horse riding. Everyone, from children aged 2 years and upwards, to senior citizens over 80, can participate in this active sports network. The indoor swimming pool and play areas round off the list of sporting options in Waldenbuch.

It's also possible to hire municipal sports facilities and locations for sporting activities and events. You get detailed information at the townhall. In the case of club sports grounds please contact the relevant club committee. The list of Waldenbuch's sports clubs can be found here:

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